TTC(trying to conceive) from 8 months

No infertility problems in family history. I am married since 7 years. Husband age 33, height 5.10, weight 74kg. We didn’t want children till before last 8 months. We didn’t use any contraceptives but use to avoid intercourse during those fertile period. Even though got pregnant in 1st and 2nd years of marriage which we opted for forced medical abortions around weeks 7 and 8. My periods are always regular and with no pain or problem (just mild temporary cramps). But now am not getting pregnant. Taking folic acid and VIT-E as prenatal vitamins from day-1 of TTC on gynec prescription.

After 6 months of TTC doctor told to get haematology, biochemical and semen tests for both done which are normal. From past two months on clomid and progesterone. 1st month follicle ruptured without hcg on day 14 scan. But due to miscommunication with nurse hcg shot given after follicle rupture. 2nd month clomid no rupture of dominant follicle that’s why hcg given. Then ruptured on day 16 scan. This is the 2nd month on clomid and just now I got period ie., day 32. Where as last month ie. 1st month on clomid I got period normally on 29th day. We both are healthy and no bad habits. We take normal diet also. Please tell me what to do next as my age will be 33 completed by coming april 20th.

TTC(trying to conceive) from 8 months
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    If you have already undergone ovulation induction twice and had a failed cycle, then next step would be to opt for an ovulation induction + IUI cycles, at least 3 ( three) and then if they fail, the next step shall be IVF.