Trying to Conceive, Wife on Gluten Free Diet.

MY wife is trying to conceive but she has an allergy to wheat. She is keeping up a good health now and takes only gluten free diet in order to conceive normally. Please let us know if this wheat allergy will have any impact on baby’s health if she gets pregnant.


Trying to Conceive, Wife on Gluten Free Diet.
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    Gluten free diet is must if you are planning to conceive. Through out pregnancy it is advisable to stick to the schedule. During pregnancy she has to take proper nutrition with a good diet plan having proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates and fats. A healthy lifestyle and diet will be helpful in continuing normal pregnancy and delivery of a healthy child. Important thing is that gluten sensitivity can be inherited by your children also and at time of weaning or introduction of wheat in diet of baby, you will need to be cautious about the symptoms and hence manage accordingly.

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