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  1. Good morning Shruti.23mm size is fine.There is nothing as ideal size of follicle.
  2. Contd..Preovulatory follicular size varies from 17mm to 25mm with a mean diameter of 21.1mm.
    Best wishes.If the size is 23mm pl.go for Pregdate test of urine 2 hours after lunch and if it is positive it means ovulation has occured and you can have sex to conceive.Pl.let me know your LMP and on which day of cycle USG was done to guide you in a better way.Best wishes.
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    I can send report if u want
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    My lmp was on 21 Jun .my left side follicle on 8 th day is 15.3*13.7mm and on 10 th day it was 18.3*18.1mm no follicle in right side. I have treated with pcos 2 year back with homeopathic treatment after that there is no cyst in this 2 year I worried about my conceiving so I consult a doctor who did some test like ahm and tsh and prolactin all are normal but she said there is some hormonal problem because in Jan 2016 my period is delay about 60 days after taking medicine it comes so now she is treated me with medicine for conceiving like tablet of ccq50 started from 3rd day of cycle blong-f in morning and ovabless and a sachet of mayocyst we trying from 4 month with these medicines but no positive result. Am worried
  5. Dear Shruti , you can whatsapp your reports at +918800868744 , also please mention the name of your doctor with this question.
    Thank you!
  6. Dear Shruti Good afternoon.Please upload all your reports at Medi Metry.
    Also let me know the composition of "mayocyst".
    On receiving your reports I can help you and advice on further course of investigation and treatment.
    Please let me know whether you have already done the following investigations.
    3.FBS, PPBS
    If these are not done pl.get the above investigations done.
    Pl.Send me those invesigation reports and USG on the basis of which PCOS was diagnosed.
    Best wishes.
  7. Good evening Shruti.I have gone through your reports.
    I would advice you to get the following blood and other investigations done.
    1.Serum Insulin
    5.FSH& LH.
    6.Serum Prolactin.
    7.Free T3 and T4
    X-ray chest PA.View.
    HSG or Sono salpingography to check the patency of tubes.
    Husband's semen analysis after abstinence of 3 to 4days.
    Pl.let me know whether you have hairs on chest or face or black marks underneath the breasts or on the back of the neck, your age, height and weight as well.
    Without the above reports diagnosis of PCOS can not be confirmed.
    Best wishes.
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    I send All my reports
  9. Dear Shruti,I have gone through the reports sent by you but the investgations advised by me are not there.
  10. Contd.
    ..except AMH and Prolactin so please get the other investgations excuding these two.
    Good luck.
    After completion of folliculometry let me know the report.
    I think if you have PCOS (for which certain other criterias required to be full filled) as diagnosed by your Doctor you should take Tab.Metformin 500mg daily x 3days.
    You have not updated about your age, height, weight etc as yet.
    Best wishes.
  11. ** correction Tab.Metformin 500mg daily x 3 months.