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  1. Good evening.How long you are married.What is the reason for your stress.Excessive tension and stress may lead to anovulation which in turn will lead to delay in conception.
    Pl.let me know your height,weight menstrual history,
    if you are suffering from any other illness.
    Best wishes.
  2. Pl.let me know your age.How long you are trying for a baby.
    Your and Husband's occupation.
    Good luck.
  3. You have not written full information.What is your age?What is your occupation?Tell me about your menstrual history.What is your partner's age,occupation.I will like to know about all the investigations done till now-Semen analysis,Hysterosalpingogram,Ovulation history etc.
    Any significant past medical or surgical history related to you or your husband.
    Please give me full information so that i can help you.
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    I m 24 n I m house wife.husband age is 31.i m trying for 2-3 months my husband is in hotel industry.what test should I do?
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    2 years of marriage and menstrual cycle is fine.i m in india n my husband is in uae.
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    My height is 5 foot 5 inch n weight is 67 I have nosal septum deviation
  7. Thanks.Your BMI is slightly on higher side, but if you two are in different places it would be difficult to conceive.
    When your husband coming to India? or you are visiting UAE.
    Best time to conveive is to have conjugal life.
    If your cycles are regular at 28days interval ovulation occurs on the 14th day of the cycle and you should be with your husband during this period.
    In the meantime you can get these investigations done:-
    1.Full seminological invesigation of your husnand after abstinance of 3days.
    2.Test your blood for a)Haematocrit values.
    b)Fasting and PPBS.
    c)Serum Prolactin level
    d)Thyroid profile.
    3)USG whole abdomen.
    You can cosult your local Gynaecologist and get an HSG done.
    To conceive certain criterias to be full filled.
    1.You must stay together and try for a baby at least for a year.
    2.Your husband's semen report must be normal.
    3.You must have a normal ovulatory cycles.
    4.Fallopian tubes must be patent
  8. To check ovulation at home you can use Pregdate ovulation kit by Rewel company and be with your husband at that time as that is the fertile period otherwise having intercourse at any other time will not be effective.
    Good wishes.
    Best of luck.
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    I wl text you my reports within 3-4 days thanks a lot
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    Is follicular cyst is dangerous?
  11. Depends on the size.Before ovulation ovary might have follicular cysts they are mostly functional.If they are multiple let me know.
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    Are antibiotics are getting in the way of pregnancy?
  13. No antibiotics if taken under doctor's advice do not cause infertility.
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    Someone told me if u have deficiency of vitamin d then u dnt plan for baby?
  15. How do you know you have deficieny of Vitamin D.
  16. If you are too much worried please get your blood tested for 25-hydroxy vitamin D level and if possible FF level of 250H Vit D as well along with Serum Calcium level.Till date the studies in animal and and in human have shown there might be some relation between Vit D and ferility in both male and female.
    Do you have any ailments like indigestion of fatty food or pain in legs .What is the colour of your skin please let me know along with your age.height and body wight and how long you are married.
    Best wishes.

  17. I don't think you will go by other's advice.
    God forbid even if you have Vit D deficiency and conceive don't worry we are here to take care of you.
    Best wishes.
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    I did my chk up n my vitamin d is 10 something
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    Yeah I have pain in my legs and even and my skin is oily I hv pimples,my age is 24 n wt is 70
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    M married since 2 years
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    My 25-oh vitamin d is 10.96ng/lt
  22. Thanks for consulting.You start taking Tab.Pure D 3 60000I.U 2 tab weekly ×3months get blood examined after 1month then every 3 months Get your blood tested for Serum Calcium and thyroid profile and other tests advised earlier.
    Get full analysis of Husband's semen after abstinence of atleast 3 days.
    To conceive you two must stay together.
    Best wishes.
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    Okk thanks a lot.Have a good day
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    Hello doctor.i am taking ovacet tablets since 2 weeks after that I have vaginal it good or bad.
  25. Good evening.It might be due to infection please consult your doctor .It needs a clinical examinatio.