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  1. Thanks for writing. I need full information like-How old are you?Since how many years are you trying to conceive?I will like to know about investigations also.Ithink you should consult an experienced Gynaecologist.
    For spotting you should get urine pregnancy test and Ultrasound abdomen me reports.These are important investigations before treatment.I think this information will help you.
  2. You are trying to get pregnant with irregular periods. For a woman with a regular twenty-eight day cycle, she can expect to ovulate about half way through her cycle on day fourteen. Fourteen more days later, she can expect her period. Timing conception can be as simple as having sex before, during, and immediately after the expected time of ovulation. With an irregular menstrual cycle, however, trying to get pregnant with irregular periods results in problems trying to conceive because of an uncertain ovulation date. Not knowing an estimated ovulation date means problems trying to conceive in woman with irregular periods.