Trying to conceive after miscarriage.

Hi Doctor, I was 3 months pregnant but sudden i lost my baby on 29 oct dnc was done. Now i am trying to conceive after miscarriage again, but no result showing. My periods were regular in dec, jan and feb on 13th. But in march its 20th. I am regularly taking folic acid. Please advice me how to conceive faster.

Trying to conceive after miscarriage.
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  1. Hello and sorry to know about your miscarriage.Chromosomal abnormalities and hormonal imbalances are the commonest causes of a miscarriage.Did your doctor get you investigated after your miscarriage? If yes please share the test results.Take a nutritious diet with plenty of fruits abd vegetables.Limit the intake of caffeine and avoid alcohol and illegal drugs. Indulge in mild exercise like walk and refrain from strenous ones.Try to avoid stress and take plenty of rest.Maintain healthy weight.Continue taking Folic acid.It helps in conceiving and prevents congenital malformations in the baby.Be in regular followups of your gynaecologist. You will conceive ,have patience.If inspite of
  2. If inspite of trying all these you are unable to conceive in next few months consult your doctor.A clinical examination and tests may be needed.Write back to us again.Take care!