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  1. Hi Manav,
    Welcome to MediMetry,I can understand your concern.
    There are many possible reasons of having acne like
    1. Consumption of too much oily food.
    2. Hormonal changes
    3. Bad Life style
    4. Having dust and pollution on face.
    5. Using too much cosmetics and medicines

    You can use following things as a treatment for acne:
    1. Use clindamycin and phosphate gel at night only on pimples at night.
    2. Drink 3-4 lt water daily.
    3. Eat vegetables like Spinach and carrot. it will help you to cure acne.
    4. Rub your face softly.
    5. Wash your face once or twice daily with salicylic acid soap ( available as Acnelak) and water. This is to remove excess oil from the skin. After washing your face, use an oil free moisturizer.
    6. Don’t scrub as this worsens your acne.
    7. Eat Fresh vegetables and fruits having rich in Vitamin C.
    8. Drink 3-4 lt water a day.