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  1. hi
    welcome to medimetry
    thanks for writing to us
    I need to see the pics of lesions to confirm the diagnosis
    treatment of psoriasis depends upon extent of body surface area involvement
    if less than 20% it can be managed by topical
    otherwise methotrexate have to be added
    is palm and sole are also involved?
    let me know the body surface area involvement of the disease?
    is scalp also involved?
    are nails also involved?
    family history present/not?
    did u have applied any ointment for the same?
    since how long you have been suffering from this?
    avoid stress
    take diet rich in fish
    keep skin moist
    topical potent steroid and salicylic acid ointments are the treatment of choice
    plz revert back to me with the pics of your lesions and these answers soon so that I can guide you better
    let me know if you have any queries