Traveling during pregnancy.

Hello Doctor, My wife is pregnant, She is in first trimester now (10 weeks approximately). We had planned to travel this week. Can we have a journey at this moment? If yes, please suggest the precautions that we should follow. Our travel consists of one hour flight journey and 4 hours car journey. Same while return journey that is after 3 days.

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Traveling during pregnancy.
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    Well during first trimester of pregnancy there is no issue in travelling its totally fine
    Prohibition of flying happens in the third trimester of pregnancy
    Take care that you carry medical support stockings to prevent any clotting or swollen feet
    1.The importat thing is to stay hydrated and 1 hr flight is not too panic
    2.You can do little bit of walking for five minutes if possible in flight and if you travelling by car for 3 hr you can take a brief 3.Intervals at regular time abd do a ittle bit of walking to prevent swelling of foot
    4.Take some antinausea medication as adviced by your practitioner
    5.Don't drink or eat any gas producing items before or during the flight
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