transmission of herpes through oral sex

I had received unprotected oral sex from a lady 1 year ago and after appeared rash on my arm,thigh with severe itching. I asked the lady to test herpes and her result was hsv1- 4.97 and hsv2 -.19. What does it mean. I am not tested yet. I also had redness of penis head and penis foreskin since 3 months. Can oral sex cause for transmission of herpes without any symptoms.

transmission of herpes through oral sex

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  1. hello

    your reports are incomplete. you have not mentioned whether the titres are of IgG or IgM.
    also oral sex is unlikely to cause rash on arms and thighs.

    oral sex can cause genital herpes. it may or may not be symptomatic. only way to be sure is to get yourself tested for hsv.

    you can get the following tests done
    hsv-1 IgG and IgM
    hsv-2 IgG and IgM

    your reports will tell you if you ever have been infected with herpes

    for any further queries please feel free to contact me