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  1. Hi Shivesh,thank you for posting your query on Medimetry.

    Looking at your symptoms,you might be suffering from repeated Tonsilitis(inflammation in the tonsils) due to Allergy.In such a case ,you might be suffering from other symptoms of allergy like sneezing,watery nasal discharge,itching in the nose and eyes,watering from eyes,etc.The nasal discharge goes backwards,irritates the throat and leads to tonsilitis.If you are suffering from the above mentioned symptoms,then it would be advisable to do Allergy test to find out which substances you are allergic to(like certain food items,grass,pollens,dust,etc) and avoidance of such substances.Medicines like Antihistamine(like Levocetrizine) help in such a case.

    During tonsilitis,you may suffer from symptoms like fever,weakness,throat pain,etc.
    For the relief of such symptoms,you may find relief by taking Antipyretic(like Paracetamol),Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory (like Ibuprofen).Drink lots of fluids(warm).Avoid cold,spicy and oily food.Do warm saline gargles.Drink warm turmeric milk as turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties.

    If you are suffering from high grade fever(more than 101 degree fahrenheit),pus discharge around your tonsils,etc suggestive of bacterial infection,then you may need to start Oral Antibiotic after consulting an Otolaryngologist(ENT) Doctor.

    Also if you suffer from frequent episodes of tonsilitis,or enlarged tonsils causing difficulty in respiration,especially during night,etc then you may need to undergo tonsil removal surgery after consulting an Otolaryngologist(ENT) Doctor.

    Hope this answers your query.Take care.