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    You can feel tired after exercising as excessive muscular activity is usually associated with fatigue.
    But this should settle within a day or two.
    If this is not the case the causes could be anaemia, hypothyroidism or cardiac issue.
    I would suggest you to get your CBC ESR and fasting thyroid profile done and revert.
    Also kindly mention your age so that I may guide you more precisely.
    Coming to nausea, Exercising at a heavy rate causes blood flow to be taken away from the stomach, causing nausea. Another possible cause of exercise induced nausea is overhydration.
    The easiest prevention step is to time your eating and drinking more wisely. Don't take in water or other clear liquids for 10 to 15 minutes before your workout, though be sure you're well hydrated in advance of that, as dehydration can reduce blood volume and cause that aforementioned blood flow problem.
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    Madam I have one more query about my female freind, can I ask you Bout that query ?
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