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    First thing is you need to have less of carbs and more of best thing is to have less quantity of rice and reduce the no of chapathis you have and have more of dal or need to replace your rice or chapathis with oats,ragi balls or Suji preparations... You can take any one fruit like banana, orange or Apple or mausambi in your fruits list... you can add water melon need to have fresh carrots, cucumber or channa dal whenever hungry... Have lots of water too...You also need to engage yourself in outdoor activity like walking,running, jogging, cycling, swimming for a minimum of 30 to 45 min ..or chose to gym or aerobics as per your can also include green will increase your metabolism...consult a dietician for a specific diet chart as per your bmi and your food preferences... All the very best.... Thank you..Please do not try any crash diets and keep such a short term goal of one month