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  1. Good evening M/s Karishma.Pl.let me know your age and complaints.Your body wt.&height.Any menstrual problem?Marrital status?
    Pl.get the following blood tests done:-

    Free T4

    Free T3

    Reverse T3

    Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies

    Thyroglobulin Antibodies
    and USG of thyroid gland
    Different doctors take different values of TSH before starting treatment.Different lab.also have different rsnges of normal vslues.let me know the range that your lab has mentioned as normal value.Usually 5 is taken as the cut off value .After I know the rrports of Investigations advised I can suggests medicine
    I have to cosider your age as well and symptoms.
    Good night and good wishes.
  2. different "ranges"...."reports"
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    Thank you for reply doctor.
    Age 21 yrs
    Height 5 ft
    Weight 56 KGS.i don't have any menstural problem.i am not lab has mentioned 4.2 as cut off value and my count is 5.3.My symptoms are head realing,tiredness,restlessness,knees pain,constipation,laziness.So should I have to use medicines?
  4. Good morning Miss.Karishma.You need to start treatment.I would suggest before you start treatment get the blood examined as asdvised earlier.
    Get B.P checked and X-Ray cervical spine AP &Lat.view done for vertigo.
    For constipation drink plenty of water and fruits like banana and cooked green leafy vegetables.
    If not relieved you may take Nutrilite Fiber 3.7grams in water daily.You can have it online.
    To start with you can take Tab.Thyronorm 50mcg daily
    along with Cap.Thyrowel 1 cap 2hours after taking Thyronorm.
    Best wishes.
  5. Your BMI is 24.1 normal range for your height 18.5 to 24.9.
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    Presently my b.p is normal,haemoglobin 12.2 and my doctor has advised to take thyronorm 12.5 mcg and to have a regular check of thyroid
  7. O.k start with that dose and get all the tests done after 1wk.and get back to me.It is adivisable to take Cap Thyrowel 1 cap daily 2 hours after taking Thyronorm.