Three sonography reports are different.

Dear Doctor, I am 35 weeks pregnant. My 26/3/2016 sonography reports placenta low lying grade 0 and 9/4/2016 sonography report is posterior upper placenta. All the three sonography reports are different first showed  anterior placenta. Last two report is very different. So all of this which one is good or bad. I am worried about this.

Three sonography reports are different.
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  1. Don't worry get USG done from a reliable Sonologist.Where do you live let me know then I can suggest.
    With given time Low lying placenta may migrate upward but Anterior one can not be Posterior or vice e versa.
    Take the film to your Obstetrician he can give you correc diagnosis.
    Best of luck.
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    Dear sir,thank u so much giving a such a answer for this....I live in surat (Gujarat,India).first I have Cesarean and at that time I was 24 years old.and this is my second pregnancy and this time I m 31 years old.I this is a different .but I m worried about all of this..what is good for three different sonography report.
  3. If the last USG report shows Placenta is in Upper segment whether anterior or posteriot that does not matter.Pl.get an USG done after completion of 36wks of pregnancy and if possible upload the scan with report.If still low lying you have to report to concerned doctor for advice.
    Since you had ptevious C section don't miss your ANC as advised by your doctor.Get your blood tested for haematocrit values and Blood sugar level(repeat) and Sero profile if not done alreadyBy the way what is your blood group ? Pl.let me know why Caesarean section was done in first pregnancy
    Best wishes.

    Best wishes

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    First time my son 's cord loop around neck. C/o is leaking in early due date that time 4/4/2010 and baby coming on 16/03/ blood group is A+.
  5. O.K.let me know your USG report as soon as done.Note if you have any tenderness in lower abdomen and watch for vaginal discharge report to doctor if occurs dont worry.Best wishes.