Sleeping postures in pregnancy.

I am 8 month pregnant and my bump is high. I feel so uncomfortable while sleeping. What is the right sleeping postures for me to feel relaxed.  Some friends guide me that not to sleep on sides,  only lie down in straight positions but I feel pain in back if I do so. Please guide.


Sleeping postures in pregnancy.
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    Sleeping is the most commonly faced trouble during pregnancy. Though each trimester comes with its own sleep issues, but it is the third trimester which troubles the most as the baby weight goes up and it is difficult to sleep in one posture for long time. It's better to lie on sides than on your back.
    Apart from following a disciplined exercise routine and using relaxing techniques to relax your mind and body, you can try some of the following for a comfortable posture during third trimester:

    - Use Support from extra pillows.
    Since your body weight has gone up, it becomes difficult to sleep in specific positions. It is recommended to use extra pillows and sit or lie down in a comfortable position with help of extra pillows.

    - Sleep on your left side. This posture enhances the blood flow to the fetus and kidneys. Put pillow between your knees, below your belly and to support your back.

    In addition, you should stretch frequently and do abdominal exercises.
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