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    Kindly mention the type of thalassemia whether it's alpha or beta thalassemia.
    However I would suggest you to give her iron and folic acid supplements as there are high chances of anaemia in her.
    Also you should be prepared for C- section as thalassemia affects your bones too.
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    What is the exact type of thalassemia your wife has and have you done her iron levels, Hb and other blood parameters?
    Depending on the type of thalassaemia your wife may have, she may be monitored closely by her doctor throughout her pregnancy.
    With the advise of your doctor please tell your wife to take folic acid and iron supplementation.
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    My wife have beta thalassemia
  4. Beta thalassaemia major makes it more likely that she will have complications during her pregnancy. The organs, which are already under strain, will have the extra demands of growing a baby. Her transfusion and medication needs will probably change as her pregnancy progresses.