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  1. Hi Pavan Sai. Thanks for posting your query to us at MediMetry.
    At the onset I would like to know if there s any bruise or blood collection, if there is any split or tear in the skin, fever or hot temperature for the scrotum, extreme pain, etc. If there is, I would like you to please approach a health centre immediately.

    In the meantime, please put ice packs over the area. Just for five to ten minutes and then repeat every hour. Take good rest and avoid strenuous activities for 10days or till healed. You may consider taking Enzoflam or Combiflam to decrease the swelling but only with a doctor's prescription and only for a week or 10days.
    Wear a cup support or a jockstrap to support your external genital especially while playing sports.

    Please do reply back for further clarifications.
    Live healthy