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  1. Pregnancy induced hypertension and either proteinuria (Presence of Albumin) or end-organ dysfunction after 20 weeks of gestation in a previously normotensive (Normal BP) woman. High BP is not good in pregnancy as it can cause adverse out come in mother and fetus. When to initiate delivery is based upon gestational age, the severity of the disease, and maternal and fetal condition. Patients with Pregnancy induced hypertension at 37 weeks of gestation are delivered; however, before 37 weeks, the risks of serious consequences from disease progression need to be balanced with the risks of preterm birth. When mother and fetus are stable and without findings of serious end-organ dysfunction, a conservative approach with close monitoring for evidence of progression to severe features of the disease is reasonable in order to achieve further fetal growth and maturity. When Doctor feels that there is risk to mother of getting fits or there is risk of death of fetus, then either labour should be induced or caesarean section should be done.