Syringoma treatment done – Now scars appearing on face.Suggest ?

Respected ma’m/ sir, I got radio cautery done for the syringomas in my face. It has been 4 weeks after the treatment. Now I see small brownish black scar like lesions on the places where the cautery was done. Kindly suggest me a solution for my problem.
Also , I am suffering from severe hair fall since 3-4months n my hair volume reduced significantly. Kindly suggest me a solution. I tried managing it with oiling and anti hair fall shampoo but is of no use.

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  1. Hello,
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    Thanks for the query.

    I appreciate your concern regarding hair fall. Hair fall is usually ascribed to multiple factors like diet and nutrition, hormones, stress, acute or chronic medical conditions,drugs,cosmetic products etc.
    From your description, it seems you might be having Telogen Effluvium, which is hairfall secondary to stress.
    If i were your dermatologist/trichologist, i would like to take through history including family history, history of recent major trauma/illness/stress/medications etc and recommend some basic investigations like CBC,blood sugar,Thyroid function test.Some other special investigations like trichogram and dermoscopy and further aid in diagnosis and prognosis.
    I would suggest you a course of oral tablets containing biotin and other essential vitamins and minerals for minimum 3 months. Also, would put you on solution containing 5%/10% minoxidil once a day and a hair serum containing peptides for hair growth at night.(Q sera etc). I would advise use of gentle shampoo and conditioner on regular basis and use of coconut oil twice a week.
    Also enquire from your dermatologist about upcoming treatment options like mesotherapy and platelet-rich plasma.
    Avoid combing in wet hair and let them dry by wrapping in towel. Avoid blow dryers and hair-color/dyes. Take plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and try to de-stress your routine life.
    Also click some high resolution images of the affected area so that I may guide you further.