Swollen throat

I am unable to swallow anything even my saliva, it’s very painful whenever I swallow anything due to swollen throat. Please suggest a medicine. I am doing gargling for 3-4 days now but no change. I don’t have cold or cough but this swallow throat.

Swollen throat

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  1. Hi Vinay, thank you for posting your query on Medimetry.

    Looking at your symptoms, you might be suffering from Pharyngitis (inflammation of throat) and /or Tonsillitis (inflammation of tonsils).
    You have no improvement since 3-4 days,and painful swallowing,so there are chances of bacterial infection in your case.

    You may get relief by taking
    Antibiotic after consulting ENT doctor.
    Also you start Analgesic with Anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen, Antacid like Rantac,Betadine gargles.

    Also avoid cold,spicy and oily food.Drink lots of fluids (warm).Avoid dust, smoke and other pollutants.

    Hope this answers your question.Get well soon.