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  1. Hi,there are several reasons for swelling and pain like any injury like twist of foot,fall from height , retention of water and blood..,for proper diagnosis we want to know your histiry like from how many days you are suffering from this problem,do you feel pain more in morning,is it get subside when you walk...
  2. Temporarily you can take following measures-1:try to put your feet on height place pillow below your feet..2:provide rest to affected area3:can use crepe bandage 4:perform clockwise and anticlockwise movement of feet if pain permits..light massage will also help to reduce swelling...Hope answered your query
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    Thank you doctor
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    My grand mother feels more pain when she's doing some work and it is difficult to walk initially after woke up in the morning and sitting.
    Is it a serious problem?
  5. With the old age pain in joints is common problem in big joints like hip and knee ....this is known as osteoarthritis ,it may also be due to nerve compression if she is having any pain in back...she must do strengthening exercises and walking ...