Swelling in feet , also wrist bone fractured

Sir, my mother is having feet and swelling… three days before we go to the ortho doctor for mother fall down into wall and wrist bone fracture .
Doctor gave some medicines bio d3 plus, she is taking those medicines…now she feel feet and swelling… She is a house wife… Suggest me what to do now.. Now what is the cause…should I go for another test… Treatment plz
her age 52 and BP is normal 124/70

swelling in feet


Answers ( 2 )

  1. Hello...since when is this swelling in feet? What kind of fracture is this? Any treatment suggested? Surgery or conservative?
  2. For feet swelling...keep her legs elevated on 2-3 pillows, so that blood circulation improves. Keep doing toes and ankle movements....up and down.

    Take less intake of salt in diet....be regular with vitamin d supplements.

    Wear cushioned and comfortable footwear. Do not keep legs hanging for long time.
    Avoid standing for long time at one place...keep distributing weight.

    You can also apply cold packs twice in a day.

    For wrist fracture...need to know the kind of fracture and how stable the wrist is...will be able to suggest better afterwards.