Supplements for muscle building?

Hello, doctor, I want to know About supplement for muscle building. I do bodybuilding and I have also joined a gym,but there is no results.

I want to gain muscle size so, what can I do?

My gym coach has suggested me to take supplements like pre workout protein,

glutamine, amino, Nitrix tablets.So can I take these supplements for muscle building?

Please help.

Supplements for muscle building?

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  1. Hello Akki. Welcome to Medimetry. The suggested tablets will be effective as long ask you continue gym.Artificial ways to gain mass may be hazardous too. My suggestion would be, go for natural high protein diet. And you can continue gym along with that. Include rich protein sources like whey protein, skimmed milk, eggs and lean meat optional. Other sources like nuts, dals and sprouts will also be helpful. If you give me your daily routine details along with gym schedule, I can help you plan a diet chart as per your routine and concern. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries.