Suggest precautions before trying to conceive.

We are starting to try for a baby. Kindly suggest should I go for pregnancy or not as my weight is 43 Kg and height is 5″ ft. and my age is 27 ? If yes kindly suggest a folic acid tabs for me with mg? and other tests before trying to conceive?


Suggest precautions before trying to conceive.
Obstetrics & Gynae

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  1. -Preconception” check-up to find out whether you’re in good health and physical condition for pregnancy. Your doctor will do medical & Dental Checkup & any immunizations requirement.
    -Eat a well-balanced diet that includes a wide variety of healthy foods from all the basic food groups
    -Folic acid 5 mg can be taken per day by husband and wife to help prevent birth defects.
    - Correction of anemia (iron deficiency), it needs to be resolved prior to conception through dietary means and iron supplements as prescribed by a doctor.
    - Stop drinking caffeine ,alcohol, stop smoking, and stop taking any illegal drugs
    - Use proper safety precautions around work site agents, anesthetic drugs, chemicals, lead and other potential hazards. Avoid hazardous cleaning supplies, pesticides, chemicals and paint. If your water pipes are old, consider having them tested for lead.
    -Avoid potential infections. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water after using the bathroom, blowing your nose or handling soil. Avoid raw meat, raw fish and unpasteurized milk products.
    - Just 30 minutes of exercise every day or walking, swimming and yoga,