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  1. hi Lavanya
    welcome to medimetry
    thanks for the query
    there are many reasons of hair fall like telogen effluvium,female patterned hair loss, anagen effluvium, drug induced, alopecia areata,cicatricial alopecia
    Are you on any medication ?
    have you suffered from any chronic diseases or any past surgeries in last 6 months?
    any family members suffering from the same hair fall problem?
    kindly send me the pics so that I can diagnose the cause of your hair fall
    get Hb ,Serum ferritin,serum folic acid ,serum vit B12 ,Serum T3,Serum T4,TSH assay done
    take diet rich in protein and biotin
    avoid stress
    avoid any artificial hair colour and hair spas
    kindly revert back with reports and pics
    diagnosis is more important.. because treatment will finally depend upon it
    please let me know if you have any queries