Suffering from severe cold and head ache – Diabetic .

Ten years ago I’m vdrl positive. But now a days I am vdrl nonreactive after taking some penicillin and antibiotics. But after marriage my wife has not get these medicine. She only takes some antibiotics (ZOVIRAX & vitilex) . Is she needs some penicillin treatment. She had some deseas like– 1. Diabetic(sugar 185 after food) For which she takes medicine. 2. Hormone disorder(irregular mensuration) For which she takes FEMILON Therefore she also have cold & headache,stomache pain & Virginia pain.

severe headache

Family Physician

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    I can understand your concern but its really difficult to guide you as it needs examination and I need to see all your reports to guide you properly.
    So I would suggest you to meet a infectious diseases specialist who will help you properly.
    For symptomatic relief you can give tab sinarest twice a day after food for 3 days to your wife.

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    Please tell me these necessary examination need for my wife.
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