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    I can understand your concern for your friend and would suggest you to get her completely evaluated by a gynaecologist for the cause of repeated infection.
    In case everything is normal then all she needs is - 
    - keep drinking 2 or more litres of water a day
    - keep taking cranberry juice
    - drink syrup renalka or alkasip twice a day for 5 days and then tablet vitamin C twice a day for 5 days ( keep doing this for a month at least)
    - keep perineal hygiene
    - use vWash after taking bath to clean perineal area which helps in maintaining right pH there.
    I hope these measures will help her.
    Also get her blood sugar levels checked.
    Please feel free to consult further for any more queries. Do mention her age,known medical conditions and ongoing treatment details when you consult.
    All the best.
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    Please send your what's app no i send all reports and details
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    Dear Deepak, you may whatsapp your report at +91 8800 868 744 and also mention the name of Dr. Surbhi as well as mention your name. Thanks !
  4. I have seen the reports and would like to let you know that because of Urinary tract infection, her kidney function is also declining.
    In elderly female subjects, bladder neck obstruction (mainly age related) can cause raised residual urinary volume, which can again lead to recurrent UTI. A CT scan of kidney-ureter-bladder with assessment of residual urinary volume helps in this case.
    Inadequate antibiotic dosage for inadequate duration is another important cause of recurrent UTI. This can lead to emergence of drug resistant bacterial strains, which become difficult to treat. A urine for routine examination and culture is needed (though in all probabilities her culture may be negative since she have received multiple courses of antibiotics).
    I would advise you to consult your physician since she need a thorough check up and some specific investigations, as her infection parameters are raised (an intravenous course of high end antibiotics may well be required after assessment). Personal hygiene is very important for prevention of UTI and plenty of oral fluid intake is advisable.

    Hope this helps you.