Suffering from mild UTI.Need Help.

I am having symptoms of UTI since last 3-4 days like burning urination,Slight drowsiness and pain in legs.Shall I visit my physician for this and get me prescribed antibiotics or this will automatically go away?.I havn’t had fever yet so i think this must be some mild infection as I have had histroy of such infections in the past wherein I don’t have a fever but these symptoms like pain in legs,drowsiness etc.So do I need to take antibiotics or it will self heal?

Family Physician

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    I have read your query and Ithink I can help you. 
    The best solution for uti remains antibiotics but since it seems that you are reluctant to take antibiotics and you do not have fever, I will tell you about other measures. 
    Please remember that these measures are usually just additional measures.
    1 . take a urine alkaliniser like alkasol syrup.
    2. plenty of fluids. 
    3. plenty of cranberry juice.
    4. clean laundry.
    5. Avoid spices, alcohol .
    I have tried to make it as simple as possible. I hope that the information contained in the message will be able to help you find the best solution for your problem. 
    But if it doesn't settle in a day or two, you must get your CBC ESR, random blood sugar and urine routine and microscopic done and take definitive therapy.
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    Thank you doctor.I think I should visit my doc and get meds prescribed.
  3. Yes, Take care!
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    Ma'am I have one more doubt.Is acidic urine favourible for growth of bacteria or alkaline urine?Is acidic urine created due to immune response of our body or it is made acidic by bacterial cells?
  5. Acidic urine is better for restricting bacterial growth but there are few exceptions.
  6. Urine pH changes, depending on your diet, certain disease processes and the medications you take. Excreting acid or alkaline urine helps maintain the body's acid-base balance, the balance between acidity and alkalinity.