Suffering from hypothyroidism and heavy hairfall

I have been suffering from hypothyroidism for last 10 years. Due to this problem my body’s right side was severely affected. I mean my right eye,right hand,right leg was little bit more inflammated than left side. My right eye’s eyeball was looking more bigger than left one. I visited the opthalmologist and after examining me, he told me that I have suffering from hypothyroidism for long period. He suggested me to go to the endocrinologist. I followed his instructions and after thorough examination of my thyroid level he started my medication. I am regularly taking thyroid medicine and regularly examine the thyroid level. Now my thyroid level is control.
But now there is very severe hairfall and there is regular pain in my leg and in ankle.
Please suggest me what should I do?
Also tell me that whether thyroid affect the calcium level or not. Is my leg pain due calcium deficiency or due to other reasons?
In my family members my mother is suffering from thyroid and osteoporosis.

heavy hairloss

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  1. Hello,
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    Thanks for the query.

    I can understand your concern and would help you at my best.
    Hairfall is a known problem with hypothyroidism but there are other factors like stress, nutritional deficiency and pollution responsible for the same.
    Secondly, hypothyroidism is associated with decreased excretion of vitamin D. The vitamin accumulates in the blood as a result of low heart rate and decreased blood flow to the kidneys. Intestinal calcium absorption increases as a result of higher levels of vitamin D.
    So definitely hypothyroidism affects both hairfall as well as calcium levels but in your case as you are already diagnosed and you are on treatment too, I would not consider thyroid as a culprit.
    I want you to get your CBC ESR fasting thyroid profile serum calcium and B-12 levels, serum creatinine, vitamin D levels done and send the reports so that I may guide you further.
    Till then take tab adgain once daily after food for 15 days.
  2. Please mention your age,weight and height too.