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    As per your complain hyperacidity is a condition in which there is excess formation of acid in stomach and it leads to burning sensation in stomach and chest along with belching and discomfort..
    At time acid can reflux in throat and mouth causing sore throat and bitter taste in mouth..

    Certain foods that are seen to common cause hyperacidity are spicy and heavy meals, frizzy drinks, chocolates, onion and garlic, citrus foods and fruits, tea and coffee, alcohol etc..

    I would suggest yo to start taking Proton Pump Inhibitors like Omeprazole or Pantoprazole, antacids like Milk of Magnesia can be taken half an hour before meals..
    You should take more of probiotics like Yoghurt in diet..
    Drink plenty of water..
    You should avoid large meals and take small frequent meals..
    You should take walk after meals..
    Sleep with head slightly raised as compared to feet.
    You should do regular moderate workout..
    Avoid stress..

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    My throat and mouth apected this I am so illness please suggest to me
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    Eating time vomiting codineuosly how will you avoid doctor
  4. Take tab rekool d once daily at 8 am for 3 days and let me know the response.
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    This problem querable are not I am very illness doctor I take ganaton 50 mg& pantocid
  6. It is curable.
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    How will you curable doctor ;my doctor suggested continue tablet six but not curable change the treatment if any treatment tell me doctor I can follow Iam very illnesses doctor
  8. I do not know whether you have done any upper GI endoscopy.
    If not please do that and rule out any possible gastritis, Gastroesophageal reflex disease or erosions in stomach and esophagus.
    It any of the above is positive, then check whether you have associated H.Pylori infection.
    Urea breath test and Blood antigen test are usually used to test the H.Pylori infection in GI Tract.
    Because most of the recurrent ulcers and gastritis are due to H.Pylori infection even after treatment with potent Proton pump inhibitors.
    If H.Pylori is Positive, then we would give antibiotics like Amoxycillin and Clarithromycin or metronidazole with Proton pump inhibitors like Omeprazole for 15 days.
    Please do not skip meals.
    Avoid spicy foods.
    Avoid deep fried as well as oily foods.
    Drink plenty of water.
    Take plenty of vegetables and fruits.
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    Eat gee daily added food any problem in future tell me doctor
  10. Do you mean ghee?
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  12. Yes, limit your ghee consumption to 1 tsp daily.
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    I eat bread daily between lunch and dinner it's good for health tell me doctor
  14. Bread is not a good food item to ne consumed daily.
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