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    It seems you have inguinal hernia.
    Due to your inguinal hernia, you need to go for a lighter work where there is no lifting of heavy weight leading to increased intra-abdominal pressure.

    The present status of your hernia seems to be well advanced. It looks like getting irreducible and obstructed at times giving rise to the acute pain.

    If I were your doctor, I would advise you for an elective but urgent surgery for your hernia to prevent any further debilitating complications like a strangulation, and also to make you fit for your work early. 

    Till the surgery is scheduled, you have to get yourself assessed by the team of doctors for pre anesthetic fitness. I would also advise you for a good scrotal support and an abdominal binder in the lower abdomen (or a truss) to prevent the hernia from coming out frequently till the surgery is done.

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    Wat if operation is done later on ?
  3. As I told you there is a risk of complications like strangulation.
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    Actually previously he has an operation of kidney transplant before n an operation of stone in gall bladder before so is it safe to go for another operation of hernia
  5. This can be decided by thorough examination and lab investigations only.