Suffering from ankylosing spondylitis

Sir. I am having low back pain , left knee pain and recently pain in middle part of back also..
Please diagnose what I am having problem.
Mri LS spine showing minimal posterior bulge in l4 l5 and l5-s1 region.
Mri dorsal spine showing multiple schmorl nodes. Regards sir

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  1. long have you been suffering with these problems?
  2. Mild disc bulge is not of much concern as it may happen due to poor postural alignments...prolonged sitting in one position, lifting weights in normal routine....least physical activity.
    You should indulge into exercises focussed upon core strengthening which will be best told by the physical therapist.
    Certain precautions required in your case:
    Sleep on the firm mattress rather than a fluffy one.
    Always take a side turn while getting up from the bed.
    Do not bend directly to lift an object from the floor, always bend ur knees and then lift the object.
    Try to sleep on your sides and keep a pillow between your legs. Avoid sleeping straight on your back for long.
  3. What is your age and work profile? Do u have any other medical history like b.p issues? Vitamin D deficiency, calcium deficiency....all this needs to be tested.
  4. Is your HLA B27 positive?
  5. You should see a good physiotherapy clinic and get yourself examined properly so that ur treatment protocol is prepared need to be regular with the sessions and the precautions.
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    Thank u madam
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    My age is 30 years madam.. Working as clerk in naval dock yard
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    Madam.. I am also having pain in both knees.. Having uneasyness in both feet.
  9. Did u get an xray done for your knees? When is the pain most - while walking...climbing or getting down the stairs, sit to stand?
    Also get your calcium and vitamin D tested? As your age is too early to get these issues...also what kind of uneasyness do u feel in feet? Is it tingling numbness sensation?
    Also does your pain radiate down the legs from back?
  10. Please provide your complete symptoms and medical history as you have multiple problems and a detailed history is required for better suggestions.
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    Good morning madam...
    My MRI reports.
    1. Dorsal spine - multiple schmorl nodes.
    2. LS SPINE - minimal posterior bulge at l4-l5 and l5-S1.
    Bone scan report-
    Minimal tracer at lower back 1.22 left and 1.25 right.
    My symptoms-
    1. Early morning pain at lower back and upper part of back.
    2. Knee pain while climbing stairs and while jumping/ playing volleyball. No pain while walking. I am having knee pain for almost two years.
    3. I never did x-ray for knee.
    4. If I stand for more than 10 minutes or sit for more than 30 minutes I have pain at lower back and it radiates upwards and downwards inflammation.
    5. If sit on floor within ten minutes my feet get numbness.
    6. Always my feet feels like tired. Like after running 5 km how athletes feet use to get tired.
    What tests I have to do.
    My age 30.
    Weight is 90kgs.
    Height - 175 cm..
    Thank u madam/ sir. Thanks alot for ur help
  12. Use hot packs over lower back and middle back if there is no swelling or redness....for 15 -20 min.atleast thrice a day.
    Your symptoms are indicative of nerve compression at the back which is going down the legs....
    Ideally you should visit a good physiotherapy clinic and get yourself thoroughly examined and the treatment will be prepared accordingly.
    The treatment should include TENS for radiating pain in the back down the legs...ultrasound over tender points at back. IFT over knees and ultrasonic therapy.
    You should get ur vitamin d, vitamin b12, calcium, thyroid profile and HLA B27 tested.
  13. Certain precautions to be taken by you should be:
    1. do not bend forward straight...if uv to pick something bend ur knees sit n then pick up the object.
    2.always take a side turn and get up from the bed, never get up straight .
    3.lie on a firm mattress, not very soft. not stand for a long time at one place, or sit in one position for some stretches in between and thn sit back and work.
    5.sleep on your sides rather than lying straight with pillow between ur knees
    1. avoid sitting crossed legs on the floor or bed.
    2.avoid standing for long in one place..keep moving here n there.
    3.when ur sitting n working...keep a small stool under your feet and keep your feet over it or have a bar under the table n rest your feet will help your back and knees too.
    4.avoid stair climbing for sometime.
    5.avoid using indian toilets/ squat position.
    6. Wear cushioned footwear or padded shoes.correct footwear is very important for ur back n knees.
  14. Once your pain subsides to some will be told some ROM exercises, stretchings, strengthening exs and certain specific mobilizations, your physio will do all on you.

    You should regularly keep going to the physio and timely get consulted by the orthopedician....he will prescribe you some more specific tests which you actually need.
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    Thanks alot madam.. thanks alot for ur patient reply
  16. Ur welcome
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    good morning sir/madam
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    can u describe what my Illness/diagnosis is
  19. I told you to get your hla b27 tested...did u do that...i vl b able to confirm then...

    It could be ankylosing spondylitis, or just degenerative too
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    thanks alot madam.. i will do that test and inform u madam..
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    what is difference between anklosing spondylitis and degenerative..
  22. A.S is genetic and degenerative is age related
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    thanks alot madam
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    good evening madam... i have done hla-b27 test. that is negative.
    TSH- 23.7 high.
    t3, t4 normal.
    vitaman d- 14.3 deficiency.
    regards madam