Suffering from ankle pain since one week . Kindly suggest ?

My mom is having ankle pain for the last one week.light swelling below her ankle too.sole pain is also there. She applied omnigel also but still pain is there. Today we have put cotton crepe bandage also. Still,she is having the pain. Kindly suggest her a proper and simple medication.



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    Any injury over the ankle? Ankle twist or pull in the recent past?
  2. Do use cold packs over the ankle and the sole for 15 minutes each atleast 2-3 times a day. Do not apply any hot therapy.
    Keep the leg over two pillows or elevated so the swelling may go.
    Do wear cushioned chappals.
    Avoid standing for long at one place.
    See a good physiotherapy clinic soon and get the physiotherapy done, if there is no wound.
    The therapy should include ultrasonic therapy over ankle and sole.
    IFT and cold packs.
    Once the pain subsides few exercises will be taught too.
  3. Medicines will not help much...they are for temporary relief.
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    OK thanks Dr.shruti. Could you please recommend a pain killer tablet. She is 61 years old with no other medical complaints like diabetes etc
  5. Voveran 50 or ultracet( if she has no b.p or anxiety issues)
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    Thanks madam
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    What's the dosage? and do we need to have it before food or after food?
  8. Alws have it post food...
  9. Take it SOS..
  10. Whenever required...i wouldn recommend it on daily basis
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