Subserosal fibroids in pregnancy

I am  23 weeks pregnant. And having subserosal fibroid of size 9 cm in lower uterine wall according to last scan in march. I had my regular checkup yesterday and i asked about location of fibroid.  She said its near the mouth of uterus. I  worried now.  Please help me.


Subserosal fibroids in pregnancy
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  1. Good evening.Thanks for writing to us.Do you have any symptoms?Let me know the position of the fibroid and if you have USG done already let me know the reports.
    Don't get worried unnecessarily.
    I can only guide you once I get the USG report.
  2. Thanks for writing.As you mentioned fibroid is near mouth of uterus.If it is asymptomatic only regular antenatal checkup and measurement of size of fibroid is required.Red degeration of fibroid(.1-3.9%) is a complication of fibroid and can be managed conservatively.if fibroid is increasing in size ,creating problems--increasing frequency of micturion or retention of urine,constipation or it needs surgical removal by some experienced gynaecologist surgery is preferred mainly in second trimester.Fibroid may lead to incoordinate uterine contractions and preterm labour also. There are chances that you might have to undergo Caesarean Section along with removal of fibroid simultaneously or fibroid removal after Caesarean Section.i think i have solved your query.All the best.
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    Will it affect baby growth?
  4. As you told fibroid is at lower part of uterus .it will not effect growth of baby.
  5. Good morning.Coming to growth of the baby let me know the position of the placenta and AFI as per last USG report.
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    Gud afternoon .last scan was level 2 conducted on 28 march and placenta is seen along posterior fundal and mis wall showing grade 1 maturity
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    And afi is nt written