Stomach start increasing.

I am 32 years old boy. My stomach portion to flat ago six month. But since my weight increase same my stomach also increasing . my weight also too less. Height is 176 cm and weight is 58 kg now. So I want to increase my weight but I don’t want to increase my stomach in outside. So suggest me.
stomach increasing


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  1. Hello Chandesh and welcome to Medimetry!!
  2. Protrusion of the belly alone happens mostly because of sitting in one place for a long time with stopping shoulders. If you have to sit in one place for a long time due to work, you must sit straight. Besides, you can perform some ab crunches which will make your tummy flat again. Swimming is one of the best form of exercise which helps in increasing the weight also and it helps in reducing the tummy as well.
  3. Apart from the exercises, you must eat a proper sumptuous meal and include atleast one banana in a day. Consuming egg (if you eat) is very good for increasing weight .
  4. Hope you find it helpful, please contact us at Medimetry in case of any further queries.
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    Thanks for advice.
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