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    You can practice some brisk home body poses and exercises other than walking or running.
    Also, reduce your calorie with low carbohydrate diet. Have mainly two roti, mix vegetables, citrus fruits and cucumber.
    Take vegan based diet, less organic foods, sleep more for a minimum of eight hours. Hope you do not have problem of constipation.
    No stress, no smoking and hard drinks (if any). No cola or sweetened drinks.
    Avoid spicy foods, outside street foods, fried foods, junk foods, cream based foods. Eat less salt and no sugar.
    Have high quality protein rich foods, whole wheat foods and also reduce or stop having rice and rice meals.
    Both for your weight loss and tummy fat or extra visceral fats (unwanted body fat), I suggest to keep on mild exercises like yoga or body poses,15 minutes morning as well as before going to bed.
    Mild walking possible, but not heavy strenuous exercises. Avoid rice, but brown rice can be taken.
    Do work out at gym and at least do free hand exercises for maximum time. You better have a calculated diet plan.
    Cooking oil, white oil or olive is better within 20 mL. So, saturated fats like butter, ghee, fat containing rich dairy foods should also be avoided.
    No lentil, local greens, too much peas, spinach, cabbage or tomatoes.
    Strictly avoid all trans fats rich foods.
    Take soft, bland timely quality foods with almost nil oils, low or very low animal products and all related high animal proteins foods are strictly restricted with spare bad fats at home is best diet for you.