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  1. Good evening.Thanks for your consultation.Lete me know what was the date of menstruation in May and from when the bleeding started in June ?was 3rd June,the first day of the period?did you take any emergency contraceptive following unprotected sex?How long you are married and number of children.
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    Had my 1st sex on 3june and there was bleeding while having sex and bleeding was continued till 5 day..n have not taken any kind of contraceptive pills
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    Please also tell us what was the last LMP date?
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    Last date was 7
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    Plsz let me know
  6. Please get a urine exam.for pregnancy and USG lower abdomen as well.If you still have giddiness take Tab.Vertin4mgm in the morning but don't drive or cook as you might feel drowsy
    Best wishes.