Stem cell preservation.

Hello Doctor, There is a lot of promotion these days about the Stem Cell Preservation.

I heard about mixed reviews from parents who did it and I ‘m confused that we should go for it or not?

Does it really help? I am having a healthy pregnancy and at 28 weeks now.

Please guide.


Stem cell preservation.
Obstetrics & Gynae

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  1. Hello dear,

    Thank you for writing to us at MediMetry!

    Stem cells have potential to treat certain medical conditions and many others are still under research. That's why there are mixed reviews as no confirmation to their usability is available. There are still doubts that are these only useful for the same baby or only for siblings etc. For better knowledge contact stem cell banking companies, as they may have some facts & figures to present to you.

    Hope this answers your query, please feel free to write back with follow up questions.

    Wish you a safe pregnancy!