Spinal anesthesia area still pains after many years.

I had operation of my left leg on 17 October 2009. And to make my lower portion numb they gave me spinal anesthesia. And now after so many years of my spinal I am still suffering from lower back pain due to that spinal anesthesia. When I do much work or take stress or work for a longer time this lower back pain starts. Does it has any cure? How can I get relief? Please give some useful tips.



Spinal anesthesia area still pains after many years.

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  1. Hi..what is your age now?Have you consulted any orthopedician for your problem or gone through physiotherapy session?Its not necessary that pain you feel in your back is because of that anaesthesia there may be some other reason also like nerve compression .Do you feel pain over a particular point or its radiating to the leg and foot also?
  2. For pain relief go through heat therapy by using heat pads and apply pain relief gel..while doing sitting work try to sit in correct and comfortable posture ..don't sit for long hours stand and have small walk while doing sitting work.. While picking up objects from floor first bend your knees and then bend your back so that your back don't feel pressure...do exercise daily atleast ten repetition especially for back muscles..
  3. Avoid lifting heavy weights