Sperm count level.

Hi doctor,

I want to ask following things:

1. What is the desired level of sperm count required for successful pregnancy

2. What may be acceptable percentage of dead sperms?

3. What are the ways/techniques/medicines for increasing sperm count.

Can eating almonds increase the sperm count level ?

Sperm count level.

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  1. Hi Jasdeep,
    Welcome to MediMetry. Thanks for asking the question.

    Normal sperm count should be at least 20 million per mL. Counts below 10 million are considered poor.The acceptable percentage of the dead sperms are 25% of the normal count.

    To increase the sperm count you can use following things
    1. Quit drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco
    2. Eat a healthy diet which is high in protein and low in fats.
    3. Exercise regularly and do yoga.
    4. Don't keep too much stress
    5. Don't keep your laptop on your laps. Excessive heat can reduce sperm count
    6. Eat Tomatoes, strawberries,Carrot etc which will help you to increase sperm count.