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  1. Hi. Thanks for posting your query to us at MediMetry.
    Please let me know if the sore is due to self bite of inside of cheek of skin, or due to some cold or fever you currently have or it usually comes on and off which could be due to your weak immunity.

    In the meanwhile, I would advise you to buy an OTC lignocaine based mouth gel, like dentogel, one drop, which you could apply over the affected area.

    Please do write back to me regarding my previous query to you as management will differ in each condition.
    Live healthy.
  2. User
    No self byte no cold and fever may it happened coz due to religion prospective we had a fast before few days ago. And after completing the fast on the very first day sore get visible and as you know the degree temperature is around 40-45 now. So may be coz of this it happen ??
  3. Hi. In such a case I would suggest improving your immunity with healthy nutritious diet, good hydration, regular exercise and stress management.
    You may start taking Vitamin B complex capsules and Calcium tablets or your choice of mutivitamin capsules, one tablet daily for one month and let me know.

    Live healthy