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  1. I appreciate your concern and I will definitely help you in best possible way
    Snoring at this age could be related to any of following
    obstructive sleep apnoea
    being overweight or out of shape
    Blocked airway may be due to sinus or nose disease
    enlarged tonsils or adenoids
    alcohol smoking or any medications
    abnormal sleep posture

    so you need to identify the underlying cause for the same
    If you can provide me the information related to above mentioned causes I will be able to guide you better

    meanwhile I would advise you following guidelines
    sleep on your side, not on back
    clear nasal passage by doing gargling with antiseptic mouthwash or warm saline water before going to sleep
    Reduce weight if you are overweight
    avoid alcohol smoking or sleeping pills
    keep your bed room well ventilated and air moist with a humidifier
    throat exercises to strengthen laryngeal and neck muscles 

    I am sure you will be able to control it with above mentioned life style modifications

    I hope you will find my response informative and helpful
    please feel free to ask for more clarifications.
    Best wishes