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  1. Hi Abhi
    welcome to medimetry
    thanks for writing to us
    pimples or Acne vulgaris are due to involvement of pilosebaceous glands..they are present in sebaceous glands rich area like face,arm, front of chest,trunk
    they are unlikely to be present over palms,sole,legs..which are devoid of these glands
    kindly send me the pics of pimples since involvement of whole body is unlikely
    if you are having pimple
    avoid stress
    take diet rich in green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits
    avoid sunexposure
    don't keep overnight oiling
    don't scrub the pimples it will provoke inflammation
    use twice daily face wash
    you can start with clindamycin nicotinamide 1% gel at night
    acne treatment depends upon severity of acne
    kindly send pics so that I can guide you better
    please let me know if you have any queries