Slip disk

I had a foot drop due to slip disk. Which also took away strength from my lower limb which was marked as grade 3 power. Disk was removed in an endo spine surgery. After surgery there was no pain in back as it was before surgery. After few days of physiotherapy i was recovering but suddenly again pain started. Doctor says it’s due to belly lifting exercise but physio therapy man say it’s because i used to bend and write while on bed. Now it gives a shocking pain when i sneeze and cough. Foot drop has been corrected and can walk holding a walker but i can’t stand on my own without holding a walker because it pains a lot in waist line area and back. Doctor says if this pain is gone i can walk. But will i be able to walk ever anymore? Please help and suggest.


Slip disk

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  1. Hi,don't think so that you can never recover the therapist and patients team work can work to make the recovery best possible.You should correct your posture for daily activities and make in mind and follow the do's and dont's. There are some exercises which may increase the pain that you should avoid but its not necessary that your increased pain is due to abdominal exercise .it may be because of your wrong posture..For pain relief ask to your therapist for applying modalities like tens,IFT and can go for ice therapy also
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    Mam is it a musculer dislocation as ( ( as per physio therapist this shocking pain is due to slip disk )an another disk has bulged out cos it pains when i cough nd sneez. Will a orthopaidic doctor will be of help ??
  3. The typical sign of pain while coughing & sneezing is of discogenic(disc origin) .if there is slip disc at another level as per MRI you need to rule out whether it was there in previous MRI or not before the surgery.our lifestyle is such that very rarely an individual comes with normal MRI report of slip disc.The management depends upon the extent of prolapse.the back rehabilitation protocol dependa upon the post of need a proper evaluation of your pain by your concern neurosurgeon.ergonomics correction / orthopedics consultation and proper physiotherapy should definitely give you functionaly independent life.keep posting.
  4. It may be muscular pain called lower back strain if you was having symptoms like pain in the upper legs and groin area, pain while stretching,yawning..if you feel so firstly provide rest to your back avoid heavy lifting,provide support by using corset ,knee bending ..can apply ice packs for Ten minutes if then also your pain remains
  5. Its not so that your other disc has slipped I think so .you must go for proper diagnosis either to the doctor who has operated you or physiotherapist can also assess..thanx