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Hello i am 18 year old guy. My weight is 84 kg and height is 5 feet 9 inches. From birth i feel that have large thighs and hips. My waist is 38 inches and my hips are 44 inches. My thighs are 28 inches. I do cardio and do a lot of workout. I eat a balanced diet and tale whey protein. Last month i lost 5 kgs but i didnt see a difference in my thighs. They are so huge. My upper body is very slim with little or no fat. I dont have any fat jn my arms. I cannot find a pair of jeans. Please help me and advice me on how to slim my thighs and hips.
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  1. Hello Lucky and welcome to Medimetry!!
  2. It is the tendency of our body or genetics which define the body shape. Some people tend to have slim leg and broad upper body. It is majorly defined by the genes that are transferred by the parents. More so, obesity is of two types one in which the individual cells of the body increase in size and the other in which the number of cells itself increase. The former form of obesity is attained in the later age of life while the latter form is present since childhood. It is very difficult to reduce weight and inches in such kind of obesity. Nevertheless, you can continue performing exercises. Concentrate more on the lower body exercises. Hope you find this helpful. Please feel free to contact us on Medimetry if you have any more queries .