Skin of breast nipple is peeling off.

Hello Doctor,the skin of one of my breast nipple is peeling off and sometimes blood comes out after applying any fluid cream on it and sometimes little blood without applying anything. I’m Unmarried . Is it a cancer sign?


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  1. Hello and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.Nipple skin peeling can be a sign of simple or complicated disease.The common conditions causing it are dryness,skin infection,allergies,use of oral contraceptive pills,hormonal changes etc.Pagets disease or cancer is a rare cause of nipple skin peeling.I suggest that you moisturise your skin with deep moisturiser after bath.You may use sandalwood powder along with rosewater paste on skin peeling for few days and see.If you are taking OC pills discontinue them.If skin infection is suspected see a dermatologist.If the problem still persists you may need to see a primary care physician who will further refer you to concerned specialist.Keep us posted.Take care!