Shoulder immobility

Hello, I’m suffering from shoulder immobility. I have been going to gym for like 3 months. From like a month ago, I’m experiencing some discomfort in my right shoulder. At first there was pain, but now there is no pain but i hear a tick tick sound when I externally rotate my shoulder. I feel like the mobility on my right shoulder is a bit less than that on my left shoulder. My left shoulder feels normal. Please suggest!

Shoulder immobility

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  1. welcome to medimetry!!!
    Are you too much into weight training?
    other than movement restriction do you have pain also?
    how often do u do strengthening and stretching also?
    it might be tendonitis or bursitis....
    you should stop weight training for sometime....use cold packs and visit a physiotherapy clinic soon n get yourself assessed and accordingly get your shoulder rehabilitated.

    for any further query you are welcome