Should i mix bcaa with glucose.

Doctor, I bought bcaa(branched chain amino acid) for gaining muscle. It is very bad in taste. Should i mix it with glucose? One thing more, Can i take steroids during body building? Is it safe? Which steroid is best for me. Please tell!

Should i mix bcaa with glucose.

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  1. Hi Kalu,
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    Consuming BCAA at the age of 19 years is not recommended. Instead it will be better if you can have natural sources of proteins. Whey Protein which is readily available in the market is one of the best source of protein for body building. Apart from that you can also eat two eggs a day which will mostly fulfill your daily protein requirement. One of the best brand of Whey protein is Isosure.
    Apart from that consuming steroid for body building is a temporary solution. You will be able to build your body within weeks but you will not be able to maintain it. Besides the side effects of consuming steroids are too high to risk. You can instead include 30 minutes of cardio daily which will improve your stamina and include proteins in your diet which will both help you a lot to get healthy muscle mass.
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