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    One out of ten men today suffers from sexual weakness or erectile dysfunction. There are various problems which lead to erectile dysfunction such as from obesity, diabetes, decreased blood pressure, and heart diseases.Excessive alcohol intake and tobacco use can develop impotence.Some level of stress and depression can also lead to weakness in sex among men.

    - Quitting the use of tobacco and cigarettes improve blood circulation. Minimize the intake of alcohol can also be beneficial in improving blood flow not just in the penile area but on the entire body.

    -Good diet improves body functioning. To lessen the effects of erectile problems, consuming fish,peas, papayas, melon, beets, oranges, bananas, dates, apricots, prunes and raisin .

    -Start-stop method: Do this by stimulating the penis and stop before fully aroused. When the arousal lessens, continue penile stimulation until orgasm is achieved. Improvement can be attained when this is done daily for about 4 months.

    -It also helps to exercise the pelvis and perform the squeeze technique. To do this, pinch the end of the penis before ejaculation.